5 signs it is time to terminate an employee

One of the hardest tasks for any manager is deciding to terminate an employee.  You wonder how difficult it will be to replace them, and even if we find a new person quickly will the person be better than the known quantity I have now?  Of course, there is the emotional toll on the manager […]

Protect your company with Onboarding – Webinar Replay

Recruiting and hiring can be a mine field of regulations and potential pitfalls.  Keeping your company safe from misconduct, even well meaning errors, is important.  Millions of dollars are being lost every year to discrimination, harassment, and privacy based fines and suits. Listen to our webinar and get hot tips to protect your company.  Brought […]

The economy drives automotive jobs to second class

Changes in the employment market have wreaked havoc with many job segments, none more so than the Automotive Industry.  This disparity is causing turmoil in both employee retention and recruiting. With a robust hiring market and low inflation, most workers are seeing an improvement in their purchase power and a rise to middle class.  Unfortunately […]

Is it time to reconsider who we interview?

The most recent unemployment rate data shows a continued drop to 3.9%, this is tough news for employers.  The actual number of applicants to hire for “career level” positions is even lower, since the highest level of unemployment (13.8%) is in the category of teenagers.  The pool of candidates available for immediate hire is dropping […]

When new Sales Staff hit the wall

You hire new sales staff and breathe a sigh of relief.  The stress of knowing you are short team members, and it’s impact on revenue, has been weighing on you for weeks or even months.  Now you can start counting the leads and new customers in your CRM. The smile disappears when it looks like […]

Job boards have your Company working for them

When you are staffing for your Company the last thing you worry about is what is happening to all the records and data that gets accumulated.  The job boards only mention reaching candidates, and many of the more advanced boards give you a dashboard to track applicants.  The reality of the relationship is much different, […]

4 interview questions to avoid turn-over

Turn-over of employees can be one of the largest costs to a business.  Losing an employee costs an average of 50% of their annual earnings.  The figures get worse when you consider an employee is an appreciating asset, that produces more the longer they work for your company. There are 3 major solutions suggested to […]

Learn to Hire, Train, Sell, and Retain – Webinar Replay

Hiring, motivating, and retaining employees is a constant battle.  Competition is fierce for applicants, and customers.  You need an edge to get the best job seekers to want your positions, and move customers from price shoppers to loyal brand followers. Watch our Webinar to separate from the pack with the Language of Commitment.  Stop fighting […]

Retaining employees starts with new hire orientation

Retaining employees is of paramount importance.  Unemployment is at an all-time low and companies are adding jobs at a rate of over 200,000 per month.  When you hire a new employee the path to retaining them long term starts during the first few days of their tenure. The quality of a new hire orientation dictates […]

Retain your staff with quality exit interviews

Employee turn-over is expensive.  Now more than ever Employee retention is a business imperative.  Unemployment is at an all time low, so even if you are willing to accept the high cost of replacing an employee there may not readily be a person available.  One of the best tools to improve your company and keep […]