Finding your perfect new hire means sifting through dozens, or even hundreds of applicants.

The frustration of reviewing unqualified candidates can lead to hiring people that, at best, aren't ideal.  Either you settle because you want to end the search, or miss out on better candidates while you are wasting time on job seekers you will never hire.

Having our Hiring Ambassadors handle your screening cuts through all the applicants that shouldn't win your job, and delivers the right people faster.


Our team of Hiring Ambassadors are the first point of contact for the people that apply to your jobs.  A highly qualified team, dedicated to ensuring you get to speak to the right candidates before your competitors.

While you work on building profitability in your business, they work through the applications.  Taking time to conduct phone interviews and build full applicant profiles.  This means unfit applicants are weeded out, and qualified candidates are never missed.


Hiring Ambassadors are experts at finding the best candidates.  Everyone of our team members goes through rigorous training, and conducts hundreds of interviews under supervision prior to handling your job seekers.

Candidates are questioned and graded consistently.  Using a uniform interview and scoring mechanism makes it simple to compare candidates, and make decisions.  Our interview gathers the most important information:

  1. Job history, and how it compares to resume data
  2. What motivated the candidate to seek the position
  3. Top skills and how the candidate used them
  4. Types of Management styles the applicant works well with
  5. Training needed for the new position
  6. Schedule and commute concerns
  7. Basic requirements like driver's license history and work status

We use this information to grade applicants in three areas:

  1. Ability to perform
  2. Willingness to perform at a high level
  3. Motivation to perform

Each of the three areas receives a letter grade from A to F, and then an aggregate grade is produced.  This makes it easy for your Management team to quickly see our assessment of a candidate, and compare one applicant to another.

Brand new! We are now providing audio recordings of our interviews for Hiring Managers. Making your decision is even easier.


The people that apply to your jobs, are also potential customers.  Members of your community that can purchase products from your company, and influence others to either use your business or stay away.

Candidates love our application process, and being helped immediately by a Hiring Ambassador.  According to our latest survey candidates value two things above all else; the ease of applying, and speed of the decision.  We are available to your job seekers day and night, making it easy for them to get an interview.  Our Hiring Ambassadors communicate decisions immediately.

The chart on the left shows how our Hiring Ambassadors effect what applicants think about doing business with our clients after they apply for a job, even if they did not get hired.


Your company has an obligation to handle candidates in a fair and unbiased manner.  Being the subject of a discrimination case can cost your business thousands of dollars and your reputation in the community.

Hiring Ambassadors interview in strict accordance with the Fair Hiring Act.  Applicants are given a full opportunity to interview with our staff, regardless of race, creed, sex, marital status, or any other protected class.  Having our team speak to your candidates provides a layer of protection against claims of discrimination and protects your reputation.