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Our products are a hiring program and process for any type of position and Industry.  We understand how to promote your best qualities, and reach job seekers.  Our process works to fill any position in Management, Accounting, Sales, Technical, Clerical, and many other Departments.

If your business resides in the United States or Canada we can help.  The jobs we post show up in searches Nationwide, and our job listing stream is picked up by the online job boards in the USA and Canada.

No matter the size of the town or city we can reach anyone who is considering a new position.

We advertise your jobs on over 100 online job boards.  One of our main resources is Indeed, and your jobs are posted both as Organic, and Sponsored jobs to maximize exposure.  We use ZipRecruiter to forward your jobs to many of the other job boards, complete list here.  In addition we have our own job board Automoto Social that receives 1000's of visitors.

We do all the work, when you want a position posted online.  Simply fill out a job request (blue button on the top right of this page), and our staff will write your ad and submit it to you for approval.  The job request will ask you to specify the position title, who is interviewing, when you want interviews, and any special notes on screening.  Once you approve an ad we will place it on our stream to be picked up by the job boards.

The time period of your ad depends on the type of product you pick.  If you select our Single Posting Plan you receive 30 days of advertising on all of the over 100 connected job boards.

Our Basic and Premium Subscription Plans include unlimited job posting.  This means your employment ad can run indefinitely.  This is great for positions that are constantly needed, like Sales Representative, or Technician.  Once the job is posted our system updates the ad automatically to show as new on the job boards every 7 days.  This means there is no need to pull down advertisements, and repost them.  Simply let them run as long as you have a need.

Prior to advertising your job our Employer Brand Ambassador reviews the qualifications for your position with whomever is responsible for interviewing at your company.  You control how liberal or strict we are in the screening process.  Each posted job has a set of screening instructions for our Hiring Brand Ambassadors.  They conduct phone interviews with interested job seekers and match them to your specifications.  We understand that each company we help, and each job are individual and treat them that way.

Yes!  Once you find the person you want to hire, all the tools you need to get them started are in our system.  Standard Federal documents are loaded to be sent to new hires with electronic signing.  Any State and company specific documents can be uploaded and also sent for electronic signing.  We have direct integration with Accurate for background checks, and drug testing.  One click and requests are sent, and as soon as they are complete they populate in the system.  Our candidate profiles also have the ability to capture full applications, driver's license information, and reference checks.

Every document and piece of information is securely stored, saving the need for large paper stores.  Candidates can complete documents without needing to make extra visits to your company right in their home.

Once you approve an ad proof we post it to our stream immediately.  It is then picked up by the job boards.  Job boards draft the new jobs from our stream multiple times daily.  Depending on the time of day your job will show live to job seekers anywhere from 4 to 12 hours from time of posting.

Job seekers are online constantly, and it is not unusual to start seeing applicants to review within 24 hours.  If you are using our Hiring Brand Ambassadors to screen candidates you can expect the first people to pass the initial level of screening within 72 hours of posting.  Candidates are invited to schedule an appointment for their phone interview on our calendar, so we call them at a time that is convenient with their schedule.  This means a person that applies today might not have free time until tomorrow or the next to speak with us.

Hiring Brand Ambassadors and Employer Brand Ambassdors do not need to replace your existing HR team.  We can work hand in hand with them.  Our staff will save your HR and Management team a ton of time by handling initial screening, scheduling, communication, job ad writing, and managing placement.  This will leave your team extra time to invest in interviewing and assessing the smaller group of higher qualified candidates, instead of weeding through dozens or hundreds of job seekers that could never earn a position.

Our team will free your HR and Management staff up to spend time on activities that have a high ROI, while we do all the grunt work.

Short answer, no additional fees!  We do not charge for set-up.  There is are no added fees per person you hire.  You simply pay for the advertising and labor to service the account, all included in our pricing.

We understand the importance of ROI, so a full suite of reports are provided to track the results of the advertising and interviewing.  You can track how many people view your job, apply to a position, attend interviews, and are hired.  Everything you need to know to be successful is available in a user friendly report suite.

Additionally, we survey all the candidates that set interviews with your company to give you more insight.  This will help you understand why potential new hires either accept or decline your offer of employment.

The first step, after sign up, is for our Employer Brand Ambassadors to build your employment site, job portal, and applicant tracking system.  This usually takes one business day.  We will need a few pieces of information during set-up:

  • Any digital or video content available to promote your business
  • A square logo to use on the company page, and job listings
  • Listing of the available benefits for full-time employees
  • Roster of Management to be added as users, including name, email, phone, and title

Our Employer Brand Ambassadors can create digital content for your company if you do not have any available.

Once the site, portal, and applicant tracking system are set up you provide us with the positions you would like filled.  Our staff will create ad proofs or approval, and contact the Hiring Manager to discuss screening details.  Ads are added to our stream to be populated to the job boards as soon as you approve them.

We have a special program for associations, franchise groups, and large companies.  We build a specialized site, job portal, and compartmentalized applicant tracking system.  This leverages the combined size of all your members, independent franchises, and corporate satellites.  Based on this large scale you can offer employment advertising at less than half of market rate, provide our Hiring Ambassador services to members that may not have full HR Departments, and give members a competitive advantage in marketing to job seekers with consistent quality of message.