3 best ways to keep your employees

Employee retention is becoming more and more difficult.  The average tenure for an employee between the ages of 25 and 34 is now 2.8 years.  This real statistic for most companies is actually worse because the average tenure figure includes public sector (government) workers, whose average tenure is twice that of private sector employees. It […]

Frustrated with trying to get employment references?

You make what feels like the perfect hire.  The right experience on the resume, and engaging during the interview.  Soon you get rumblings of problems with co-workers and managers are having difficulty getting the employee to focus on completing work.  Eventually the employee is let go.  Soon after a co-worker comes to you and says […]

Are you prepared for new discrimination guidelines?

A brand guide for hair discrimination has been enacted in New York City.  Any attempt to single individuals out based on their hairstyle is now classified as a discriminating against a persons ethnic or cultural identity.  This is first type of legislation on the subject of hairstyle nationwide.  This was enacted based on businesses singling […]

4 steps to the phone interview that finds the right people

The hiring market is challenging and you need to get any advantage you can.  The phone interview is best way to save time, reach higher quality candidates faster, and save money. Here are 4 steps that can help you maximize your recruiting program, and get the most out of conducting pre-screen phone interviews. Be prepared […]

3 interview questions to identify great salespeople

Salesperson candidates can be some of the hardest to evaluate.  Most of the traits that make them successful are soft skills, that are difficult to quantify.  Track record and education are important, but do not give the whole picture. The two greatest qualities a salesperson can have is being quick thinking, and relatable.  Conversations with […]

The employer brand and the need for transparency

Unemployment rates are at an all time low, and the competition for candidates is heating up.  It is no longer enough to just say you have a job and wait for a line of people to want to fill it.  Job seekers are looking for reasons to consider your company that go beyond a job […]

How to fire an employee in 5 steps

Firing an employee might be the hardest thing a manager needs to do.  It is a thankless job, that is only noticed when things go horribly wrong.  You have to go in with a plan or bad things will happen. Once you make the decision, here is a road map that can guide you through.  […]

5 signs it is time to terminate an employee

One of the hardest tasks for any manager is deciding to terminate an employee.  You wonder how difficult it will be to replace them, and even if we find a new person quickly will the person be better than the known quantity I have now?  Of course, there is the emotional toll on the manager […]

Can you say yes too much to a client?

There is a dirty word in sales and client relations that no sales rep wants to say, “no”.  Most salespeople are in the profession because they have an innate desire to be appreciated by people.  Even much of the competitiveness comes from wanting more adoration, than fellow employees, from managers and customers. With this hard-baked […]

Protect your company with Onboarding – Webinar Replay

Recruiting and hiring can be a mine field of regulations and potential pitfalls.  Keeping your company safe from misconduct, even well meaning errors, is important.  Millions of dollars are being lost every year to discrimination, harassment, and privacy based fines and suits. Listen to our webinar and get hot tips to protect your company.  Brought […]