Recruitment HQ cares about its employer clients' reputations.  The job seekers that apply for your positions are also potential customers and sources for referrals.  Hiring Brand Ambassadors represent our clients with care and efficiency, building employer brand loyalty.  Here is some of what the people that use us to apply to our clients have to say about the experience.

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Greg D NJ, USA

"The staff and interviewer were very pleasant and I was made to feel comfortable"


"The entire process was very professional."

Joann G NY, USA

"I was very comfortable. And the staff was friendly which made me less nervous"

Roderick F NH, USA

"The recruitment staff was excellent. Good communications!"

Cherokee H CT, USA

"It was great. The first straight car guy I have met"

Eric M PA, USA

"My experience was exceptional."


"It was a pleasure meeting with them."

James C OH, USA

"Everything during the interview process I felt went well. There is nothing I can say but keep doing what you are doing. Again the interview went well."

Christine C NJ, USA

"Thank you, for your forwarding emails with assisting my hiring process really helped and is very professional."

Jonathan C PA, USA
There is nothing at all you guys can do to improve what you are doing. Your service is great.
Lyle S OH, USA

"Everything was handled professionally and went as expected."

Nick V NY, USA

"Dealership was top notch and professional."

Scott S IL, USA

"The interview experience was great! I was selected to move forward in the interview process. It was a pleasure meeting and talking with Velko!"

Rosaly S NY, USA

"Everything was great. I look forward to hearing from this employer soon! Thanks again."

Sandra T OH, USA

"I was well informed on the company and the duties of the position. I like everything that I heard about the company and what it has to offer. "

Frederick B NY, USA

"I really enjoyed the interview, I can see myself working with them and being comfortable"

Carl K NJ, USA

"thank you for your help scheduling the interview. the manager of the Route 46 Hyundai was fully engaged and informative. He answered all of the many questions i had . I gained necessary info for the position i applied for as well as insight into their overall business plan . thank you"

Melisson F NY, USA

"I feel everything was top notch and the employer show a tremendous interest and was very Attentive in my interview"

Ammar T NY< USA

"They were great, recruitment Hq is great. Such a nice person i spoke to and got the job Thank God ."

Justin Q OH, USA

"Very friendly staff and clean environment. Can't wait!"

Edward B PA, USA

"I think everyone acted as true professionals and I could not find any faults anywhere"

Louis P MA, USA

"they & I were impressed, that everything went very well,it was the 1st time I ever responded like that.

thank you louis"

Nerva H NY, USA

"It was a great experience"

Linda K NY, USA

"Was a great interview and seems like a great place to work."

Vishnu R NY, USA

"Recruitment HQ DID everything 100%"

Michael V NY, USA

"The process was easy and painless"

Pete K NJ, USA

"It is pleasure to work with a skilled recruiting firm. I thank you in advance for the assistance in finding me the opportunities in employment."

John J PA, USA

"Great experience, was offered the job and will let them know on Monday if i will accept."

Scott A NJ, USA

"Recruitment HQ (Linda) was very helpful. I drove from Georgia to New Jersey for the interview."

Gavan C MA, USA

"I dont see how it can be improved! I wouldn't change a thing. Its a very nice positive atmosphere and look forward being part of this team!"

Vanttage W NJ, USA

"Great interview, very straight forward and transparent"

Dawna S NJ, USA

"This was a good process on behalf of recruiter and employer"

Nadine S NY, USA


Kashawn L NY, USA

"The interview experience was very good. lol enjoyed meeting the staff members and would love the chance to show my skills for this position."

Ronald M MD, USA

"Interview went flawlessly."

DeShana P TX, USA

"The interview process was very good. In my personal opinion nothing needs to be changed."

Robert C NJ, USA

"recruitment hq personal was extremely helpful and polite!"

Paul B MA, USA

"Scott is very nice and approachable. Not only does that make the interview comfortable, it also makes me feel like he is somebody I would feel comfortable working for. That means a lot to me from a prospective employer. I enjoyed my interview experience."

Holynn M NY, USA

"I think they were all very friendly and welcoming, and they did a great job with my interview."

Joseph T NY, USA

"I enjoyed the interview process. Thank you very much for your time and assistance.

Aisha A NJ, USA

"Very nice and organized"

Kashmia W TX, USA
"My interview went very well and the professionalism was awesome"