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We want to help our candidates and employers during this battle with COVID 19.

We will be opening a free database for displaced workers in the Automotive Industry, and Employers that are taking on staff.  Showrooms are opening back up, manufacturers have introduced huge incentives to push sales, and there is a lot of pent up demand.  The Automotive Industry is a fantastic sector to work in with great people.  We want to do all we can to help everyone that lost their positions get back to working.  Just use the button below to register with contact info and a resume.  Employers will be given access to review the candidate listings and reach out


Hiring can be a daunting task, but it is simple when you have a team of dedicated Employer Brand Ambassadors from Recruitment HQ doing all the heavy lifting.  We make sure you save time and money on staffing.  The end result, higher quality candidates faster and less impact on your time.   There are 5 major elements to successful staffing
  1. It needs to be easy for people to apply
  2. Employment ads need to motivate and be informative
  3. Screening has to happen fast before competitors get to your candidate
  4. All the information has to be kept secure and easy to access
  5. Candidates should be able to learn about your company while applying
  The Recruitment HQ program takes care of all of these with professionally written ads, Hiring Ambassadors to screen applicants, a secure and easy to use ATS, and customized employment website for candidates to learn about your company.  The best part is we handle all of it, freeing you up to worry about building profit in your business.   Stop by our Products Page and get the full list of what we do.

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Want to speak to a human? 844-HIRE STAFF