How to fire an employee in 5 steps

Firing an employee might be the hardest thing a manager needs to do.  It is a thankless job, that is only noticed when things go horribly wrong.  You have to go in with a plan or bad things will happen. Once you make the decision, here is a road map that can guide you through.  […]

5 signs it is time to terminate an employee

One of the hardest tasks for any manager is deciding to terminate an employee.  You wonder how difficult it will be to replace them, and even if we find a new person quickly will the person be better than the known quantity I have now?  Of course, there is the emotional toll on the manager […]

Can you say yes too much to a client?

There is a dirty word in sales and client relations that no sales rep wants to say, “no”.  Most salespeople are in the profession because they have an innate desire to be appreciated by people.  Even much of the competitiveness comes from wanting more adoration, than fellow employees, from managers and customers. With this hard-baked […]

Motivating your team to excel

Unemployment is at an all-time low; competition for candidates is fierce; the cost and time to hire are continually rising.  The smart money is on keeping and improving the staff you have.  The question is how do you motivate your team to not only get the basic tasks of their job done, but excel to […]

When new Sales Staff hit the wall

You hire new sales staff and breathe a sigh of relief.  The stress of knowing you are short team members, and it’s impact on revenue, has been weighing on you for weeks or even months.  Now you can start counting the leads and new customers in your CRM. The smile disappears when it looks like […]

Learn to Hire, Train, Sell, and Retain – Webinar Replay

Hiring, motivating, and retaining employees is a constant battle.  Competition is fierce for applicants, and customers.  You need an edge to get the best job seekers to want your positions, and move customers from price shoppers to loyal brand followers. Watch our Webinar to separate from the pack with the Language of Commitment.  Stop fighting […]

Who works for you?!!

Tip of the day: Have each new Sales Consultant do an 8 second introduction video, and post it on every Social Media outlet for your Dealership. Tie them and their community to your store!

Management for All – Metrics

Having spent over two decades in the Auto Industry, I have had a great vantage point to watch it mature.  Our understanding of the prospective clients walking in, methods of marketing, social media, and inventory management have changed, for the better, more in the last decade, than the hundred years of auto sales before it. […]

Management for All – Transparency

I want to give the Automotive Dealers around the country a pat on the back.  As a whole, Dealers have process figured out. If you ask 90% of the Dealer employees what they are supposed to do when a prospective client enters the facility you will get a great response.  Amazingly, from coast to coast, […]

Slumps are for chumps! This weeks reading list.

This weeks highlighted book is “Little Red Book of Selling”  by Jeffrey Gitomer.  I selected this book based on a message I received through Facebook from one of my previous students. This student has had a lot of success the first three months on the car business, was actually the Sales Consultant of the month […]