Getting more applicants and hires, key data to improve

Recruiting is fully in the digital age, and key statistics can help drive more qualified candidates to your jobs.  Digging deeper into the numbers, we can even raise the odds that top talent accept your job when offered.  Here are a few of the most important pieces of information we have found, and how you […]

Hiring sales reps in groups, is it too much of a good thing?

It has been common practice for years for companies to hire sales reps in large groups or classes.  Bringing on many times the true needed amount of associates in anticipation of most of them falling out within the first weeks if not days.  Many managers considering a group of 10 hires and wondering which 1 […]

Nailing the sales interview

Have you ever wished you were a mind reader during an interview?  Sit back wondering what the interviewer is looking for, and how best to present yourself?  Here is some insight gleaned from our clients, over thousands of sales interviews. Know the product and company.  Prior to your interview spend the time researching the company history, […]

Recruiting and compliance, is your company safe?

Have you ever felt like there is no safe question to ask a candidate?  Discrimination regulations have been broadening, and are becoming extremely restrictive to hiring managers.  It is more important now than ever to have a solid plan in place to find new employees and protect your business. Here are some best practices we […]

Writing better employment ads to find top talent

Ever wonder why the best talent in your market isn’t applying to your jobs?  It may be something as simple as the content and structure of your employment ads.  Job ad writing can be the difference between a successful hiring campaign, and struggling to fill positions. Many employment ads read like job descriptions.  They have […]

Help! I have tons of applicants and no one to hire.

The internet has brought volumes of resumes to hiring managers everywhere. Simply post a job and dozens, sometimes even hundreds, of candidates flood your inbox. The biggest problem in hiring has gone from getting people to apply to getting the right people to apply. To solve the problem and fill your position the first question […]

Do profile tests really work?

Everyday there is a new profile assessment company popping up with grand claims of isolating the best talent with a 30 minute test. Psychometric skill testing has been around for decades, and even longer in the education system. The big question is do they work? Can a hiring manager use them to save time and […]

The most important interview questions no one is asking

Evaluating talent is a daunting task. As a Manager you are expected to judge the talents and life experience of a candidate in the span of an interview, and accurately predict a candidates production for years to come. There is enormous pressure to be right, because an error in hiring will cost thousands. There are […]

Why positions aren’t being filled

We get asked by prospective clients all the time, “Why aren’t we filling positions, and what are you going to do differently?”. The number one reason that positions aren’t filled is slow reaction time to applicants. People apply and resumes sit in inboxes for days, resumes are selected and it takes another few days to […]

Should I accept the job offer?

Our company sends hundreds of people every month for interviews. Consistently we get feedback from the candidate that they are unsure if they should accept the offered job. It can be very difficult to make a decision that can impact your life for years to come. Deciding on the right offer to accept should start […]