Nailing the sales interview

Have you ever wished you were a mind reader during an interview?  Sit back wondering what the interviewer is looking for, and how best to present yourself?  Here is some insight gleaned from our clients, over thousands of sales interviews. Know the product and company.  Prior to your interview spend the time researching the company history, […]

Should I accept the job offer?

Our company sends hundreds of people every month for interviews. Consistently we get feedback from the candidate that they are unsure if they should accept the offered job. It can be very difficult to make a decision that can impact your life for years to come. Deciding on the right offer to accept should start […]

Phone Interview Tips – Win the Job

Technology is changing the job application process. More and more of the application process is happening prior to a face to face interview with a company. The days of pounding the pavement putting in walk-in applications has given way to the digital age. Now more than ever the initial phone interview is an integral part […]


Every job hunter ask themselves, “What can I do to get my resume read?”.  Google the term resume writing and a dizzying array of websites come up.  Thousands of different takes on what makes a great resume.  We have taken the time to ask our employers and read tons of great advice so we can […]

Get Hired! Say Something Positive.

What is even more powerful than a great resume? Positive talk about your previous employer. I want the employee that is thankful for opportunity, wages, and benefits. How you talk about your present employer is an audition for your next job.