Why are dealerships still hiring the digital inept?

Automotive manufacturers are investing billions of dollars into technological innovation.  Cars are connecting to mobile devices, running on electricity, and moving towards becoming autonomous.  Companies like Google and Apple are running head first into the automotive industry.  Where are the salespeople to sell the cars of the 21st Century?

Just recently I was running a sales training class and a student had to be pulled out of training to help a veteran sales rep pair bluetooth between an Iphone and a client’s new car.  Almost every car on the market has bluetooth connection, and has for the last decade.  How can we still have salespeople allowed to sell products they cannot operate?

In a different class on business planning for salespeople I asked for a volunteer to create a spreadsheet for forecasting.  In a group of 20 newly hired sales representatives not one person had used Excel previously.  What are the odds for long term success for a person earning a living on commission that doesn’t have the basic skills necessary to track their productivity?

The Auto Industry asks for the least educated people desperate for money and that is exactly what they get!

Read the ads for sales representative positions.  They promise high income with no needed skills.  Employment ads tell candidates that the only responsibilities of the job are to greet and sell customers.  There are no educational requirements, and no value given to previous training.  We ask people to show up with a smile and speak well.

We have an industry that has a bright future, with great benefits and income.  It is time to ask for the right people to join it.  Stop hiring a volume of desperate candidates, and start attracting smart applicants.  Many people avoid applying for dealership positions because they feel their skills and education are not valued.

The next ad you place for sales reps ask for:

  • Prior training or experience creating and maintaining a forecast
  • Communication skills backed with college level courses or previous experience handling both in person and phone conversations for sales
  • Digital skills using a CRM, multiple social media accounts, Microsoft office, and email marketing software such as MailChimp or Constant Contact
  • Ability to make 30 to 50 outbound calls daily to clients

If the auto industry starts showing it values technological understanding and education we will have sales representatives coming to us with skills to match.

H Gregory Gershman – Managing Partner – Recruitment HQ

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