Do profile tests really work?

Everyday there is a new profile assessment company popping up with grand claims of isolating the best talent with a 30 minute test. Psychometric skill testing has been around for decades, and even longer in the education system. The big question is do they work? Can a hiring manager use them to save time and […]

How to Hire Automotive Technicians

If you are like many of our clients across the country, hiring automotive technicians is a high priority and constant struggle. The pool of trained technicians has not kept up with the growth of population and increase in vehicle sales, leaving a major shortfall. As of 2017 there are 819,000 automotive technicians working in the […]

The Facebook ads scam

Every business is searching for a way to reach their potential client base in the most cost effective and direct way possible.  This has evolved into targeted pay per click media using search engines and social media.  We use pay per click advertising to reach potential applicants for our clients. The pitch is simple, all […]

Get Hired! Say Something Positive.

What is even more powerful than a great resume? Positive talk about your previous employer. I want the employee that is thankful for opportunity, wages, and benefits. How you talk about your present employer is an audition for your next job.

Who works for you?!!

Tip of the day: Have each new Sales Consultant do an 8 second introduction video, and post it on every Social Media outlet for your Dealership. Tie them and their community to your store!

Click Here!! Guard your online reputation!

Guard your online reputation! Here is a quick tip to watch your online reputation, sign up for Google Alerts.  You can set up an email to be sent to you daily, or weekly with the most relevant hits on your name. Easy way to see what your clients are seeing online.

Be The Best Dealership Employment Opportunity in Town

The Automotive Industry is on fire, sales are up, profits streaming in, and there is only more growth on the horizon.  Now is the time to capitalize! Every Dealer is clamoring for more help.  How do you separate from the market, and become the place to work? As a National Leader with AutoMax Recruiting & […]

Management for All – Accountability

This is the second post on management for all levels of business.  In the last post I explored using transparency as one of the base tenets of running a successful Dealership.  Now I am moving on to transparency’s older sibling, ACCOUNTABILITY. Dealerships have become experts on the individual process of handling a transaction.  It has […]

Management for All – Transparency

I want to give the Automotive Dealers around the country a pat on the back.  As a whole, Dealers have process figured out. If you ask 90% of the Dealer employees what they are supposed to do when a prospective client enters the facility you will get a great response.  Amazingly, from coast to coast, […]