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Click Here!! Guard your online reputation!

Guard your online reputation! Here is a quick tip to watch your online reputation, sign up for Google Alerts.  You can set up an email to be sent to you daily, or weekly with the most relevant hits on your name. Easy way to see what your clients are seeing online.

Be The Best Dealership Employment Opportunity in Town

The Automotive Industry is on fire, sales are up, profits streaming in, and there is only more growth on the horizon.  Now is the time to capitalize! Every Dealer is clamoring for more help.  How do you separate from the market, and become the place to work? As a National Leader with AutoMax Recruiting & […]

Management for All – Accountability

This is the second post on management for all levels of business.  In the last post I explored using transparency as one of the base tenets of running a successful Dealership.  Now I am moving on to transparency’s older sibling, ACCOUNTABILITY. Dealerships have become experts on the individual process of handling a transaction.  It has […]

Management for All – Transparency

I want to give the Automotive Dealers around the country a pat on the back.  As a whole, Dealers have process figured out. If you ask 90% of the Dealer employees what they are supposed to do when a prospective client enters the facility you will get a great response.  Amazingly, from coast to coast, […]

What do you stand for, and who knows it?

Travelling around the country, I get a first hand look at around 300 Dealerships a year, and they all talk about how they do business.  Why they are different, why the community comes to them, how they have the best people, why they are the best Dealer in town. If you could tell every prospective […]

Is this how your clients are greeted?!!

I just watched the craziest greeting of a prospective client on a car lot I have seen (not in a good way either). The Sales Consultant watched the client from about 100 feet away.  Being very careful to stay out of the line of sight, so as to not have to answer any questions.  I […]

Big News on Training!

For all my clients that have been looking for continual training after I leave, this is it! All the best trainers, one place. I will be getting complete info out soon.

Stop Selling – Start Serving

Every place I travel I keep getting asked the same question, “What is your best tip in Sales?”.  There is one great answer, STOP SELLING. I encourage all my graduates to give their new title as Sales and Service Liaison at …… If you surveyed all your clients entering the Dealership and asked them to […]