The 3 things you need to know to select the right new hire.

The scariest part of recruiting is making a final decision, after interviews are complete.  Picking the wrong person to join your organization can cost thousands of dollars in lost revenue or production.  The good news is that candidates can be scored reliably on very tangible areas, and there are only three you need to consider. […]

Use your reputation to motivate job seekers

Make sure to advertise customer service scores to job seekers on your website and employment ads.  Your reputation is the most motivating proposition for a job seeker. Everyone wants to work a for a successful company with happy clients.

Preventative recruiting is the #1 way to grow revenue

Are you game planning for revenue growth in the upcoming year?  Working with Sales and Marketing to drive new clients in the first quarter?  The highest growth ROI isn’t in an ad campaign, it resides in Human Resource with preventative recruiting. Lost opportunity, due to understaffing, is the largest drag on profit in any business.  […]

Adding a new player to your team, the true cost

There is a lot of information out about the cost of employment advertising.  Job boards like Indeed focus in on cost per applicant, and ATS (applicant tracking software) can even help you calculate the advertising cost per hire.  These costs are only the tip of the iceberg, and serve to draw an employers attention away […]

Top interview question to differentiate shortlist candidates

Separating shortlist candidates can be hard.  They should all be talented, and qualified.  The deciding factor probably will not be their past accomplishments.  It is going to be what they are going to do in the future. Our best question to assess how a candidate might fit with your company’s future plans is, “How do […]

Applicant privacy, when is the right time to get all the info you need?

Screening applicants to find a quality hire can be a difficult process.  Assessing a candidate’s talent, training, skill, and motivation is just the beginning.  A company may also need to take into consideration background, financial status, driving record, and physical limitations. Much of this information is considered private and protected, so how and when should […]

Are you prepared for when your employees leave?

Do your staffing plans include an anticipated loss of your present staff? Are you recruiting 365 days a year, to be prepared when you lose employees unexpectedly? According to a 2017 Gallop poll, 51% of current employees are job shopping. Looking to trade up. This means hiring to fill present open positions will always leave […]

Getting more applicants and hires, key data to improve

Recruiting is fully in the digital age, and key statistics can help drive more qualified candidates to your jobs.  Digging deeper into the numbers, we can even raise the odds that top talent accept your job when offered.  Here are a few of the most important pieces of information we have found, and how you […]

Hiring sales reps in groups, is it too much of a good thing?

It has been common practice for years for companies to hire sales reps in large groups or classes.  Bringing on many times the true needed amount of associates in anticipation of most of them falling out within the first weeks if not days.  Many managers considering a group of 10 hires and wondering which 1 […]

Nailing the sales interview

Have you ever wished you were a mind reader during an interview?  Sit back wondering what the interviewer is looking for, and how best to present yourself?  Here is some insight gleaned from our clients, over thousands of sales interviews. Know the product and company.  Prior to your interview spend the time researching the company history, […]