Get the staff you need now and build your reputation in the community

Recruitment HQ has built a strategic alliance with AutomotoHR to bring our clients industry leading software and full recruiting staff in one cost effective product.  You and the people that apply to your store get the best of both worlds.  Top of the line software to manage jobs and candidates, and knowledgeable professionals to help make the transition from applying to hire faster.

Many of our clients cut the time to hire and cost of sourcing candidates in half.  We are the only staffing solution with the technology and personnel resources to handle recruiting at scale and handle each applicant from your community personally.  You can trust us to treat every candidate with respect for their time and be a welcoming experience for your neighbors that apply to your company.

Here is what you get

Everything you need to successfully advertise, track candidates, and onboard is included.

  • Branded employment website, customized with your video and digital content
  • Applicant tracking system, a complete portal with unlimited users
  • Job board posting, unlimited jobs posted to over 100 job boards and featured on Indeed
  • Professional job ad writing, employment ads optimized for search to reach the entire market
  • Screening, Hiring Brand Ambassadors pre-qualify candidates speeding the entire process
  • Interview scheduling, our staff handles the schedule and communicates with candidates
  • Decide to hire, we communicate to candidates a yes or no so they are waiting on decisions
  • Electronic onboarding, click to have candidates fill out a full application, run a background check, send for a drug screen, even push to select payroll systems

The only time you have to invest is in face to face interviews with the most qualified candidates.  Plus control your budget, because the price includes everything.  You are buying unlimited ads, an advanced system to hire, and an HR staff for about what it costs to run one ad on the major job boards.

Why Employer Brand Ambassadors?

The people that apply to your company aren’t just potentially hires.  Each candidate can also be a future customer with ties to the community.  Our process is built to do more than narrow down to the best talent.

Our Hiring Brand Ambassadors ensure timely communication and fast decisions.  When people apply they receive immediate communication, and everyone is given the opportunity to participate in a phone interview.  Each applicant feels valued as an individual and shown respect for their time.

Your customized webpage highlights your company as an employer.  Give applicants more than a blank contact form, or a list of jobs.  Let them see how working for your company builds their career and their community.  Pair this with our personalized attention and you have a complete employment brand building quality relationships for years.

Don’t just hire one producer, build a network with your neighbors.

How to Get Started

Click for a demo: PRODUCT DEMO

We will give you all the information you need to make an educated decision.  See the pages we build, the tracking system you will have, and the experience your applicants will receive.

Most clients are set up and posting jobs within 24 hours of signing up.

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