Writing better employment ads to find top talent

Ever wonder why the best talent in your market isn’t applying to your jobs?  It may be something as simple as the content and structure of your employment ads.  Job ad writing can be the difference between a successful hiring campaign, and struggling to fill positions. Many employment ads read like job descriptions.  They have […]

Help! I have tons of applicants and no one to hire.

The internet has brought volumes of resumes to hiring managers everywhere. Simply post a job and dozens, sometimes even hundreds, of candidates flood your inbox. The biggest problem in hiring has gone from getting people to apply to getting the right people to apply. To solve the problem and fill your position the first question […]

Do profile tests really work?

Everyday there is a new profile assessment company popping up with grand claims of isolating the best talent with a 30 minute test. Psychometric skill testing has been around for decades, and even longer in the education system. The big question is do they work? Can a hiring manager use them to save time and […]

The most important interview questions no one is asking

Evaluating talent is a daunting task. As a Manager you are expected to judge the talents and life experience of a candidate in the span of an interview, and accurately predict a candidates production for years to come. There is enormous pressure to be right, because an error in hiring will cost thousands. There are […]

Why positions aren’t being filled

We get asked by prospective clients all the time, “Why aren’t we filling positions, and what are you going to do differently?”. The number one reason that positions aren’t filled is slow reaction time to applicants. People apply and resumes sit in inboxes for days, resumes are selected and it takes another few days to […]

How to Hire Automotive Technicians

If you are like many of our clients across the country, hiring automotive technicians is a high priority and constant struggle. The pool of trained technicians has not kept up with the growth of population and increase in vehicle sales, leaving a major shortfall. As of 2017 there are 819,000 automotive technicians working in the […]

The Facebook ads scam

Every business is searching for a way to reach their potential client base in the most cost effective and direct way possible.  This has evolved into targeted pay per click media using search engines and social media.  We use pay per click advertising to reach potential applicants for our clients. The pitch is simple, all […]

Quantum interviews to find top talent

Finding the best employees takes top flight marketing to appeal to the most candidates, and then an interview process to bring the right people forward.  Job boards like Indeed are making advertising your job easier than ever, but accessing candidates is still the weak link. The answer lies in the same principals in quantum mechanics. […]

Why are dealerships still hiring the digital inept?

Automotive manufacturers are investing billions of dollars into technological innovation.  Cars are connecting to mobile devices, running on electricity, and moving towards becoming autonomous.  Companies like Google and Apple are running head first into the automotive industry.  Where are the salespeople to sell the cars of the 21st Century? Just recently I was running a […]

Simple Steps to Keep Your Best Employees

In today’s ultra competitive business world there is only one difference maker, Human Capital.  Keeping and growing quality employees is paramount, because it has the greatest effect to the bottom line of any business.   Consumers buy most products on the future promise of greater human connection.  We are in the great age of social […]