Why positions aren’t being filled

We get asked by prospective clients all the time, “Why aren’t we filling positions, and what are you going to do differently?”.

The number one reason that positions aren’t filled is slow reaction time to applicants. People apply and resumes sit in inboxes for days, resumes are selected and it takes another few days to call them, interviews are set well into the future, and candidates are offered a position and weeks later aren’t onboarded.

If you want to start filling positions, treat your inbound applicants like sales leads. Have similar rules in place, and watch the process. Here is an example:

  1. Have at minimum an automated response from your company (not the job board) to every inbound applicant, better if personally sent. Candidates need to know as soon as possible that a real person is reviewing their application.
  2. Allow candidates to schedule phone interviews with you to start engaging them sooner. Phone interviews can happen faster than in person, and also let you thin the pool quickly so you can devote more of your time to the best candidates faster.
  3. Set in person interviews for no more than a week in the future, preferably even sooner. The further out an interview is set the higher the likelihood of cancellation, an of the applicant finding another position in the waiting period.
  4. Have an electronic onboarding system in place. Send documents, request drug test, background check, and DMV history check the same day a verbal offer is made. Candidates do not count themselves as off the job market until a finalized offer is made and a start date is set. Don’t lose a talented person, because they get a job offer while your onboarding process is dragging.

Remember the candidate is either unemployed and needs to start making a pay check, or presently working and unhappy in some way. In either case they want to change their situation and will usually choose the option that changes their circumstances sooner.

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